Yahoo! Search Enhancements Live!

March 16, 2009

Yahoo’s new Targeting enhancements are now live on all Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts.  Highlights of this rollout include:

  • Gender and Age Targeting
  • Ad Scheduling (featuring Audience Time Zone targeting – Google, please take note!)
  • Enhanced Geo-Targeting (zip code and country added)
  • Bid Adjustments (increase your Max CPC based on the above)

Yahoo has done a fantastic job rolling this out in a very intuitive manner in the interface.  All enhanced targeting options can be found in a new “Targeting” column viewable at the Campaign level, and it shows what feature(s) you are currently using by highlighting the respective targeting icon.  These features can also be reached through the Settings page at both the Campaign and Ad Group.

As with any feature enhancement, we recommend creating specific tests for each of these features to measure the benefit before you roll out across all of your campaigns.

Written by Andrew Belsky (andrew.belsky at channeladvisor (dot) com)