Yahoo Minimum Bid Update

May 6, 2008


Likely lost in all the press about Microsoft’s failed attempt to acquire Yahoo! is that Yahoo! Search Marketing continues to add features to its Panama platform in an effort to compete with Google. We posted here last month about the rollout of Variable Minimum Bid and thought an update would be useful. 

So how are the early results looking?  So far, across ChannelAdvisor customers we are seeing most bids (84.5%) staying at $0.10 (not too surprising as Yahoo is gradually rolling this out).  The encouraging news is that the vast majority of the keywords that have changed have moved down – 14.5% of the total are now less than $.10 with only 1% of the total getting raised above $0.10. Similar to Google’s rollout I would expect that these results may not apply across all verticals since pretty much all our keywords are very targeted retail oriented keywords.

What changes are you seeing in your campaigns thus far? Are your minimum bids going up, down or not changing at all yet?

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