Yahoo -> Microsoft Transition Underway

October 11, 2010

“Nothing endures but change,” said the sagacious Heraclitus, and the long anticipated changes of the Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance are well underway and reaching a critical juncture. The next couple of weeks will see nearly all ads start serving from adcentre for all US advertisers. Below is a chart explaining where Yahoo ads are coming from today and what to expect over the next couple of weeks:


Date adcentre Ad Serving
Oct. 11 Up to 40%
Oct. 18 Up to 70%
Oct. 25 Up to 100%


If you haven’t already, you should have connected your Yahoo and adcentre accounts or set up a new adcentre account. And you should also start to see more activity in your adcentre account and start thinking about optimization based on the performance changes you see.

Again, this is only for US advertisers. In the UK and elsewhere, expect to go through a similar transition early in 2011. For a lot more information about how to prepare for the transition, and what to look for afterwards, take a look at our webinar recording or read the whitepaper, both of which are available on the main ChannelAdvisor website.


Written by Jason James, Paid Search Product Manager