Yahoo! Editorial Update

September 3, 2009


Yahoo! recently updated the ‘Traffic Tickets’ category on
their list of products or services that fall into unacceptable content.

They define Traffic Tickets as “devices designed to evade
speed enforcement by radar, photo-radar, or laser devices.”  Products like
radar-detectors have been included in this category for a while, it appears
they just widened the scope to includes additional deceptive devices.

So remember, you can sell these products on your site, but
make sure not to bid on keywords for any product meant to evade law
enforcement. Also you should not have any ad copy that mentions these devices.

I would also recommend that you check the editorial status
page for any newly reviewed ads or keywords with the “disapproved” status.

Checkout the complete list of Yahoo! Unacceptable Content at: http://help.Yahoo!.com/l/us/Yahoo!/ysm/sps/articles/editorial9.htm

Written by Erin Gordon (erin.gordon (at)