What You Missed During the Cyber Five

December 4, 2015

The Cyber Five, the annual online shopping blitz beginning on Thanksgiving Day and going through Cyber Monday, has come and gone. And it’s left in its wake billions of dollars in online transactions and millions of packages en route to new owners.

As a retailer, you probably had your head down focusing on important things, like making sure all your marketing efforts were in place, your online listings were accurate and your orders were processed and fulfilled on time.

You probably scanned the major headlines (and blogs) and learned that Cyber Monday was the largest US online sales day ever or that Thanksgiving online sales far exceeded expectations.  

But now that the dust has settled a bit from last week’s shopping frenzy, here are a few additional — and some silly — headlines you might have missed during the Cyber Five.

1. Amazon’s drone program is taking off

Amazon strategically released a new commercial about its Prime Air drone delivery system right before the shopping rush. We’ve seen promotions like this before, and some naysayers maintain that Amazon’s drone hype is just a big marketing stunt, but this ad finally allows us to see the drones in action (accompanied by a celebrity spokesman). The ads also tease the idea that there will eventually be a “whole family of drones,” each designed to work in different environments. If this is indeed all one big marketing stunt, it’s a pretty elaborate one.

2. E-commerce is growing, but Black Friday remains a spectacle

The videos (and memes) circulate every year. Though the 20%+ surge in online sales on Black Friday indicates that more people are choosing to shop from the comfort (and safety) of their homes, there were still plenty of people fighting and clawing for any deal they could find at brick-and-mortar stores.

3. One of the most controversial videos of the weekend involved a woman, a child and a vegetable steamer

That’s right. A woman apparently stole a vegetable steamer from a child. Though some think this video is a fake, and even the brainchild of serial prankster Jimmy Kimmel, the fact that many of us think it could be real shows the place Black Friday has taken in our culture. Let the speculation continue.

4. Fake products win Black Friday

Whenever people begin to take things too seriously, someone thankfully always comes along to inject some humor. Tumblr Obvious Plant took a satiric swing at all Black Friday advertising and knocked it out of the park with these ads.  

5. Hoverboards are actually here?

Despite missing the cutoff for Back to the Future Day in October, it appears hoverboards — or at least that’s the unofficial nickname for them — might actually be happening. Planet Money breaks down the backstory of a potentially popular holiday item with no clear distributor, no logo and no actual name.

 6. Mobile shoppers are here to stay

As our own data indicated, mobile traffic took a huge jump this year. It won’t be long (maybe next year?) before mobile sales actually eclipse those of desktop sales. Retailers and brands who are behind the curve on mobile have their work cut out for them in 2016. Mobile is here. And it’s growing.


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