Well, I’m just speechless on this eBay Live promo…

June 10, 2008

Ebay_heroes(ok, maybe not entirely speechless)….

Today on eBay’s Chatter blog/news site, they revealed the theme for this year’s eBay live. The theme is “eBay Heroes” (see image at left – note this is not a joke).

“SCOT!!! Who are these eBay Heroes!?!” You ask, well according to the post:

“They’re ordinary people who buy or sell extraordinary things!”

Based on this cover image, we have three eBay heroes:

  • The guy (GuitarGuy!) in the centre is either buying or selling that guitar.  In the meantime it looks like he’s ready to clobber some low-DSR sellers right on the head with it as he is holding his axe, much like, well, an axe. Nice Mullet dude.
  • To the right we have BeanieGal – She is clearly in love with that beanie that she is dragging on the ground by the stretched arm and looks as happy as a rented mule to be involved with the eBay Hero team.
  • Last but not least we have green-sweater-ed “digital camera lady”. She stands at the ready to photograph the exploits and obvious heroics of the eBay Heroes.

This book is kind of a teaser. According to chatter, here’s how it will work:

Here’s how it works: at registration, you’ll receive a small
black-and-white comic book about the Heroes. It won’t have the complete
story in the book, only bits of what is to come. You can then collect
coloured stickers over the rest of eBay Live! to complete the story.

So if you didn’t plan on attending eBay Live, you’ll see me at the participating booths chasing down some eBay Heroes!