**UPDATED** eBay reveals DSR and discount stats at PESA event

April 23, 2008

**UPDATE on the post below***

Usher who works in eBay’s PR department posted a comment that I wanted to surface here on the main post:

Scot – on the 63/30 question:

63% of ALL PowerSellers got *at least* a 5% discount.
30% of ALL PowerSellers got a 15% discount (double our expectations)

Let me know if you have other questions. New Orleans is great, hope
London went as well as the reports I’ve heard. Safe travels.

So by this math, it seems that 33% of sellers got the 5% discount and 30% got the 15% discount so a total of 63% got a discount and 37% did not get a discount.  Thanks for clarifying that.

Also, reader ‘Eric’ posted in the comments some interesting math about the 5 stars on S+H stat and how while that sounds great, but if you look at the math it still adds up to below a 4.5 depending on how the other non 5-stars come in.  Eric points out that we need hundredths on DSRs and I couldn’t agree more – eBay definitely needs more transparency on DSRs and that’s a great way to do it without de-anonymizing the system.

**and now for the original post**

I couldn’t make it this year due to Catalyst UK, but we have several folks at the PESA event in New Orleans where Lorrie Norrington (head of eBay marketplaces) spoke today.  Evidently (according to the ChannelAdvisor attendees and Randy Smythe’s twitters), Lorrie revealed some interesting stats:

  • 72% of S+H DSRs are 5.0 (I believe this for S+H time, but not cost – that one has to be lower IMO)
  • 63% of PS’ers got the 5% FVF discount
  • 30% of PS’ers achieved the 15% discounts
    • This always confused me, does this mean that 93% of PS’ers got a discount or is it inclusive – in other words did 33% get the 5% and 30% get the 15% and thus 37% of powersellers did not get a discount?
  • More fee changes (also messaged in the UK) are coming
  • She also said that seller’s are eBay’s customers

Would love clarification on the 63%/30%/33%/37%/93% item if anyone has it.