Twitter Puts Its Buy Button to Use This Holiday Season

November 25, 2014

As you know, the elves at Twitter have been hard at work merging Twitter’s social media strategy with its e-commerce business. Over the past few months, we’ve seen #AmazonCart, holiday wishlists, the Buy button announcement and most recently Twitter Offers. And after this e-commerce push, Santa will be able to fill his sled with gifts ordered via Twitter.

Last Thursday, AMC Theatres debuted its holiday offer — a $30 gift card — in the form of a “Buy now” tweet. This was the first company spotted putting the Twitter purchasing action to use for the holidays.

I, being the social nerd I am, couldn’t pass up testing out the latest kick in social commerce. Luckily, I have a movie enthusiast on my holiday shopping list this year.

The experience was seamless. I was able to purchase the gift card without ever having to leave the Twitter app. My three-minute purchasing journey is documented in the screenshots below.

1.  This is what the tweet looked like in Twitter’s mobile app on a Samsung Galaxy 5. When you go to AMC Theatres’ Twitter page on a desktop, you’ll notice that this tweet is pinned to the top of the page for easy access.


2.  After clicking Buy, I was shown a more in-depth view and description of what I was purchasing. I got a free small popcorn, too — score!


3.  Once I clicked the blue Buy now button, I was prompted to enter my credit card and shipping information. Once you do this, the information is stored on file, so re-entering it won’t be necessary for future transactions.

Nervous about giving Twitter your personal information such as your credit card digits? Rest easy. Stripe, the online payment company Twitter partnered with, is known for high security and actually may be more secure than PayPal. The credit card data you enter into Twitter is never sent to your server. Instead, the data goes directly to Stripe. Stripe is also the backbone of Facebook’s similar Buy button, Apple’s Apple Pay and Alibaba’s Alipay.


4.  After I entered my payment details, I had a chance to review my order (shipping details as well) before I made the final purchase.

Notice it says “Sold by AMC Theatres (via FANCY).”  is a shopping app and one of serveral e-commerce companies Twitter partnered with to make shopping from a tweet a reality.


5.  After confirming the purchase, I was immediately told that the order would be mailed to my address. The tweet I purchased from automatically closed, and I was brought back to AMC’s Twitter feed with a brief pop-up notification containing the details of my purchase.


What AMC neglected to tell me was how soon I would receive my order in the mail. Maybe as Twitter’s e-commerce strategy rolls out, there will be trackable shipping details included in the platform.

Twitter commerce is still in its early stages. In fact, Twitter has made the social commerce feature available only to select brands. In 2015, we’ll have to wait and see if Twitter’s Buy feature will become a reality for all retailers. Until then, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the little blue bird’s e-commerce progression.


By Jordan Nowlin, social media and blog manager, ChannelAdvisor

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