Try The New Google Adwords Interface

March 31, 2009

There’s a new Adwords interface coming, and if you
haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, last week the Google Adwords blog announced that the beta is being opened to more advertisers. The redesign to the interface is
significant, and it will certainly be worth your time to familiarize yourself
with it before it becomes permanent. Not only that, but there’s a lot of great
functionality in this redesign, and you may find that the enhanced features
solve problems you never knew you had.

Here are the main features offered by the new interface:

New Google Adwords Interface

  • Performance graphs:
    Every campaign management page will now feature a performance graph across
    the top with functionality similar to the graphs currently found on the
    Account Summary tab
  • Insight across ad groups: You can now compare keyword, ad, and ad group
    performance data across campaigns within Adwords without having to create
    a report first. Not only that, but you’ll be able to changes right there
    on the page with the next feature:
  • In-line editing:
    Probably my favourite feature in the new interface, this allows you to edit
    ads, keywords, bids, budgets, etc without ever leaving the page you’re on.
  • Easier content network management: The new networks tab makes it easier to view statistics
    on your content network placements and manage them as needed.

So what are you waiting for? Just fill out the
Beta Sign-up form at the New Interface page to be included, and don’t forget to provide Google with any feedback you may have.