Top secret 20% off eBay coupons that leaked into the wild – use them fast, before eBay takes them down!

October 19, 2010

I’ve had a couple of readers shoot me some coupons they received from their contacts at eBay that were supposed to be ‘internal only’, but they are leaking out there.  So, I thought I would share the 20% off with eBay Strategies readers.   They are restricted to three new large merchants at eBay:

  1. Macmall – The store is here and you have to enter code CMACMALLEBAY
  2. Electronics express – The store is here and you have to enter code CELEXPRESSEBAY
  3. Electronics expo – The store is here and the code is CELEXPOEBAY

This offer expires at midnight on October 22nd – you have to enter the code in the eBay checkout – you can find detailed instructions here.

In my experience 20% off at eBay is pretty rare since the days of Bing cashback, so take advantage of these while they are still live!

Between these sellers you have a decent selection of TVs, Mac computers, iPad/iPhone accessories, and digital cameras.  The prices are pretty much what you would find on their website, but the 20% off makes it very compelling.  Many of the listings don’t have product information or details, but you can look at up over at Amazon 😉

Finally, if you are in eBay Bucks, you get to double dip, or use bigcrumbs or eBates to get even more cash back on top for a TRIPLE DIP!


Fine print: I think these are limited to $200 max (so don’t buy anything over $2k) and limit one per user.  You have to also pay with paypal.


Enjoy and remember, you heard about it here first!