The benefits of being a multi-channel seller

March 19, 2008

Over at the ChannelAdvisor corporate blog, David Spitz has a great article based on some data our business intelligence team has been working on.

We’ve long believed that the most healthy merchant has a diversified portfolio of ecommerce channels that allow them to easily move different types of products with different goals.  Want the top price and lowest channel cost?  Use your website.  Want to turn inventory to cash?  eBay is king.  Have some very deep sku’s you have a great price on?  Overstock. Do you have some 30 day old inventory that’s not moving on your website? Amazon-it!

Well now we have enough data to quantitatively prove that multi-channel sellers are growing much faster than the single channel (usually eBay) seller.  Dave reports that multi-channel sellers that have been multi-channel since 06 are growing 220% faster than single-channel.  Newly multi-channel sellers (07) are growing 42% faster than single channel sellers.

Even with eBay showing signs of life, the data couldn’t be clearer that if you are a single channel seller, you need to go multi-channel ASAP if you want to grow your business at the same pace of e-commerce.

If you want to learn more, we do have our Catalyst conference coming April 1-3 where you can come hear directly from eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Overstock and other channels, but we can help you put together a 2008 multi-channel strategy that can easily get you going for the Q4 holidays.

It’s important to note that Catalyst is not for CA customers only, but we invite anyone in the industry that’s interested in the topic of multi-channel ecommerce selling to come on down and participate in the discussion.  It’s definitely not a sales event either so there is no pressure to look at CA solutions.

We’re going to have some big announcements that we think will further define the brave new world of multiple online e-commerce channels and I look forward to seeing everyone there!