Summary of happenings at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst

April 3, 2008

Catalyst08_logoPhew, apologies for the radio silence, but our annual Catalyst event and the week or so leading up to it are so intense and immersive that there’s barely time to sleep, much less blog.  The good news is we had a number of bloggers at the event that did a better job than I could have ever hoped to.  Here’s a linkfest of coverage that came out of the event (in chrono order):

  • Before the conference, we announced 170 new retail customers signed on to ChannelAdvisor Complete solutions.
  • Opening the conference we had Chris Shimojima from Nike which was covered by e-consultancy here.
  • At the conference we announced a partnership with and were really pleased that’s CEO Neel Grover was able to make a guest appearance during my morning kick-off. Neel’s a reformed lawyer which is a plus and Tank Stikman was excited to hear that Neel worked at a place called ThinkTank.
  • Tamebay covered the news here.
  • Chris@Tamebay live blogged Stephanie Tilenius’ talk and had some interesting thoughts.
  • It was an honour to have eBay’s new blogger, Richard Brewer-hay, cover Stephanie’s talk in the first days of the new eBay Ink blog – Richard welcome to the conversation (FYI this blogging stuff works from NC as well as San Jose! and ChannelAdvisor is one word.)
  • Chris@Tamebay had some interesting thinking coming out of Sebastian’s Amazon keynote and he was right, we had many sellers connect these dots. One thing that would be funny to test is what would Amazon’s FBA DSRs be on an eBay seller account!?
  • Tamebay coverage of Ben Ling from Facebook’s keynote Thursday.  Ben gave a great talk about the social graph and how Facebook believes it’s actually quite relevant to e-commerce.

There were three more general overview items of interest:

  • Chris@Tamebay spoke to several UK+US sellers about UK/US cross border trade (CBT) here.
  • In one interview, I said it would be interesting to see John Donahoe at eBay Live as I’m not really sure they mix.  Chris@tamebay covered that here and e-consultancy covered it here. BTW, don’t assume that calling eBay Live a circus is a bad thing – that’s just what the event ‘is’ (if you’ve been there, you know what I mean).

There were a number of Wall St. analysts at the event and there was some interesting action there.  Justin Post @Merrill upgraded eBay to Buy this morning and Shawn Milne @ Oppenheimer raised his price target.  I’m sure there will be some other insights later this week and I’ll try and summarize them this weekend.

Finally, I participated in a fun talk show with the folks at Internet Auction News Radio that will air on April 5th.

It’s a wrap!
Every year our team raises the bar on this event and adds some new fresh content that keeps retailers coming back and this year they really set the bar very high.  We had a consumer panel that was well received and I was pretty surprised how many attendees really raved over the social networking panel and Facebook presentations.  Thanks to the team for all the hard work and thanks to all of the sponsors, partners and most importantly retailers that came to the event!

Up next, Catalyst UK.
Starting April 21, the Catalyst comes to London and we’ll be continuing the great discussions around multiple e-commerce channels!