Spring Release 2016: Marketplaces in Focus

May 11, 2016


If you’re a multichannel e-commerce retailer, chances are you’ve experienced the anxiety around keeping up with the seemingly never-ending assortment of marketplaces available nowadays.

Your main concerns center on making sure that your products are on as many marketplaces as possible, and making sure that your presence on said marketplaces is actually worth the time, effort and money.

Never fear, ChannelAdvisor is here! With the 2016 Spring Release, managing your inventory and marketplaces effectively and efficiently has never been easier. In this first blog post in a three-part series, we’ll dive into the marketplaces updates included in the release, from an updated Amazon Insights dashboard to our integration with Walmart.

Amazon Insights

We gave our Amazon Insights dashboard a long-awaited facelift, and we’re shouting it from the rooftops! The new dashboard features a variety of widgets that allow you to make better data-driven decisions, from Estimated Revenue Impacts per Insight to specific Product Insights that give you a more detailed breakdown of your product information that will ultimately help you accelerate sales. Other features:

  • Restock Insights: See what products are at risk of going out of stock in both your FBA and seller-fulfilled inventory. Stay ahead on sourcing and ensure that no sales are missed.
  • Buy Box Opportunity Insights: Gain a Buy Box advantage by identifying which of your products Amazon doesn’t currently sell. Also, see when your products are marginally priced outside the current Buy Box price.
  • Top Selling Products Insights: Monitor all the top sellers on Amazon for your category and whether they’re trending up or down. Then see where your product offers overlap with top-selling Amazon products and determine how you can adjust your strategy.
  • Profitable Insights: Learn which of your products are the most (and least) profitable on Amazon, based on the price of the listing minus seller cost and fees.
  • Aged Inventory Insights: Eliminate the risk of long-term storage fees with visibility into which products are in danger of incurring fees and how best to move that inventory.
  • Stranded Inventory Insights: Keep certain products from sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Identify stranded Amazon items, gain actionable insights to fix the issues and create removal orders for damaged items.

Repricer & ASIN Matching Updates

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about our existing marketplace features! We’ve upgraded our Amazon Repricer and ASIN Matching features to make your experience on ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces that much easier.

  • Amazon Repricer: Configure Amazon repricing rules faster with our new one-step setup process. Set your products to automatically match or beat the lowest Amazon price.
  • ASIN Matching: Avoid poor customer experience by quickly identifying scenarios where you have incorrectly matched to the wrong product ASIN.

FBA Dashboard and Inventory Management

Since its founding, FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, has taken the Amazon seller population by storm, helping sellers closely monitor products as they move through the fulfillment process.

Cue our new FBA Dashboard, which helps you focus on what matters most in the midst of the hundreds or even thousands of SKUs that are constantly moving in and out of your feed.

  • FBA Inventory Status: Gain visibility into where your SKUs are within Amazon’s fulfillment process and get a snapshot of which products are purchasable and which aren’t.
  • Products in FBA: Learn the quantity and sales value of your FBA products and see the total value your business has in FBA on a daily basis, as well as trends over time.
  • FBA Inventory Issues: Save money by knowing where you have excess inventory, stranded inventory and aged inventory (those products that are at risk for getting a long-term storage fee from Amazon) and resolve the issues before they cost you money.
  • Amazon GMV by Fulfillment Type: Compare your merchant-fulfilled and FBA sales side by side to see inventory trends for each.
  • FBA GMV by Channel: Gain perspective on how your FBA inventory is selling on Amazon versus your other channels.

You may be asking, “What if I don’t even know which products I should include in FBA?” We know, it’s no easy decision. With FBA Inventory Management, you can get insight into metrics from both your FBA and merchant-fulfilled products to guide you in making that choice. And it’s all in an easy-to-read grid. #Win!


In case you hadn’t heard, we announced our integration with Walmart Marketplace at the Catalyst Americas conference last month, opening the floodgates for ChannelAdvisor customers to begin selling on one of the largest marketplaces in the US.

The biggest advantage? Entrance into the Walmart Marketplace is still gated — meaning you’ll have much less competition and potentially a whole lot more revenue coming your way.


Stay tuned for parts two and three of this blog series: Digital Marketing in Focus and Branded Manufacturers in Focus. In the meantime, you can download the webinar recording detailing all of the features in our latest product release!


Blog post by Anna Torres, social media and blog specialist, ChannelAdvisor