Spring Release 2016: Branded Manufacturers in Focus

May 25, 2016


As a branded manufacturer, you may find yourself asking questions such as: Should I sell directly to customers? Should I build a webstore? Should I rethink my digital marketing strategies (or create new ones)?

With our Spring Release, we’ve added key features to our ChannelAdvisor for Brands initiative that help connect you to retailers so that together, you can create high-quality, memorable experiences for consumers.

Buy Local

One of the biggest frustrations of shopping at brick-and-mortar stores is getting to a store only to realize that it doesn’t carry what you’re looking for. Buy Local — part of our Where to Buy product line — allows customers to find your brand’s products in specific geographic locations. Buy Local includes the following options:

  • Store Locator returns physical store locations in a certain geographic area (including a map) that have a retail relationship with the brand.
  • Product Locator displays product-specific in-store selections in a certain geographic area, including a map. These physical stores all have a retail relationship with the category or brand in view for the shopper.
  • Stock Locator shows “real-enough-time” inventory stock availability in a certain geographic area, from locations that have a retail relationship with the specific products in view for the shopper (including a map).

Report Center

We’ve given our reporting system a boost to make Where to Buy sales tracking effortless. With the new report creator, you can generate customizable and automated reports based on your specific business requirements.

Product Intelligence

This spring, we’re bringing you the latest solution in the ChannelAdvisor lineup: Product Intelligence. As a branded manufacturer, your goal should always be to provide shoppers with a consistently exceptional experience with your brand. Creating that experience begins with monitoring your product content across your entire retailer network so you know exactly what, why and how shoppers are engaging with your products. With Product Intelligence, you’re equipped with three key trackers designed to keep you in the know:

  • Product Tracker allows brands to monitor their products across every online channel. It provides both summary and detailed views of retailer and marketplace assortment, pricing and stock status for all products.
  • Content Tracker allows brands to easily monitor their product content across any retail channel, and see a snapshot of retail compliance based on five criteria:
    • Prices
    • Videos
    • Images
    • Reviews
    • Descriptions

We’re helping brands monitor the fidelity of the content on retailers’ websites, so that the products are always in compliance with specific marketplace criteria, as well as create a better, more consistent experience for shoppers.

  • Competitor Tracker works similarly to the Product Tracker, but in addition to tracking your own products, you also can track your competitors’ products.

This is part three of a three-part blog series. Check out our other posts focusing on Digital Marketing and Marketplaces for more information on our latest product release. For even more on Spring Release 2016 (we know, there’s a lot to learn), download your free recording of the Spring Release 2016 webinar.

Blog post by Anna Torres, social media and blog specialist at ChannelAdvisor