Smack Shopping in the Washington Post and more Jellyfishness

July 2, 2007

To continue the string of Jellyfish coverage, the Washington Post profiled Jellyfish in a Sunday “Buzzworthy” feature that described how Jellyfish works and how they started out.

This is the first time that Jellyfish has been covered in the Post (but certainly not the first time it’s been covered in major newspapers).

It’s a glowing profile and reveals a few tidbits:

  • The average site discount is 45 percent off.
  • It takes within 60 days to get your cash back discount.
  • Flocks of rubber chickens sell faster than iPods and go for 30 percent off. (Stay on the lookout!)

Smack Shopping has become the clear differentiator for Jellyfish, which is being leveraged not only for press but to draw shoppers into the site.

It’s a bigger attraction than Jellyfish’s original cash-back model — which is a differentiator in and of itself — but it’s harder to have faith in something you can’t see.  The point is that Smack shows REAL PEOPLE getting REAL DISCOUNTS in REAL TIME  as opposed to buying something on your own and hoping that the money comes through.

Plus, it’s just more fun competing against the clock and other people.

Jellyfish also just changed Smack to drop the actual price, not just the cash back percentage — as well as expanding Smack to occur around the clock from midnight to 10 p.m.

I think that Smack should continue to be leveraged as a key differentiator for Jellyfish, but it’s become overwhelming with the around-the-clock model.  Simplicity is key for something like this and the once-daily SmackDaddy show was a great pivot point — now I wonder how the traffic is fanning out.  Or this could be just one big experiment.

Written by Scott Hurff.  scott.hurff at channeladvisor (that’s dot com).