Shopzilla redesign = hot!

May 7, 2007

Shopzilla recently unveiled a new index page design, and I must say…I’m impressed.

It’s a no-BS, simple, clean page centreing around a search box.

This probably reflects the fact that as more shoppers move to online purchasing, they’re increasingly using the major search engines as a way to locate what they want.

It’s a natural extension for CSEs to capitalize on this.  Give the people the tools they want to use to find their stuff.

Shopzilla’s home page execution is impressive and it’s a good balance between the browse vs. search function with the category tabs on the right-hand side.

As for the “top 10 searches” below the search box, the list looks too “manufactured” — almost too proper.  It’s odd to explain but I like it when searches are displayed in lowercase and some wacky terms are in the top 10 to prove that this is indeed a real, live search tabulation.

I’m a fan of this approach.  It’s definitely more of a move towards theFind’s approach.

What’s next?

Written by Scott Hurff.
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