Shopzilla: 2007 a “rough year,” loses top tech guy

January 9, 2008

There’s new news afoot from Shopzilla in 2008 —

  • 2039035796_85a511bfc5Christophe Louvion leaves the company after 10 years for LA-based Gorilla Nation. He was, I hear, their top technical person, having basically built the site. He held a number of positions — Software Architect, VP Ops, VP Product / Engineering, Agile Evangelist / Coach and “Uber Scrum Master.”  Louvion blogged that “after spending the most part of the internet life time building Shopzilla, the biggest shopping search engine, I am moving on to running the technology at Gorilla Nation, the largest online ad sales rep firm.” and that he’s looking for talent. Gorilla Nation is a “one-stop shop for online advertisers & agencies looking to build
    brand awareness through high impact ad units and rich media across
    targeted content categories.”
  • Shopzilla had a “rough year,” said CEO Ken Lowe, but must have benefited from the $29 billion in sales at the tail end of 2007.   Lowe also said that “bridges” would be built between Shopzilla and other Scripps Interactive properties.  I hope this means deeper integration and not just linkjuice for SEO, or even some lame product offerings embedded within stories.  There’s a huge opportunity there to expose the product inventory outside of the main property.

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