ShoppingAdvisor Launches

May 29, 2007

Today ChannelAdvisor launched ShoppingAdvisor — a product that simplifies selling  products across the leading comparison shopping engines.   

Here’s what I see the main benefits to be:

  • Improve data quality and do things like run promotions without having to get IT involved
  • Get a quick high-level view of feed status, progress, performance
  • Syndicate content to multiple shopping engines at once (formatted automatically for you!)
  • Higher product relevance by mapping your categories to the site’s categories
  • Ability to track purchases made through Google Checkout (this is only of the few products that can do this)
  • Employ search engine analytics to find out the best keywords to use for your products — helping your customers find your products early and often

Another great thing about ShoppingAdvisor is automated bid management (ABM).

ABM, for the uninitiated, is a fancy way to describe removing or promoting products based on performance.  In a word, this means profits. 

Are you interested?  Do you want to learn more?  Click here to download the official information packet, or drop me a line.

This is a huge announcement and I know many of the people who worked hard to make this happen.  Congratulations to the ShoppingAdvisor team!!