launches much-awaited, needed changes

September 18, 2007

At announced some big changes:

  • SKU-level bidding: get specific on highly-trafficked products within categories and better management tools for SKU bids requiring “special attention:” sale items, for example — in addition to analytics tools to show ROI on advertising for individual products
  • Product performance reports: again, more of an ability to dial down on product performance to tell you who’s a dog and who’s a rockstar, how your conversion to sales look, get more specific on category performance and get a handle on how you’re priced relative to competition
  • Value-based pricing: they’re making the shift in early Q4…clicks will be priced on publisher’s overall traffic performance
  • Cart enhancements: integration with eBay express, email marketing opt-ins, etc.
  • Distributed shopping: basically a more flexible “DIY” CSE on your own site with

Buried in the release was a mention of UI changes on the horizon.  All I have to say is that it’s about time!

Are you happy about these changes?  Discuss.

Scott Hurff wrote this — scott.hurff at channeladvisor