Rounding up CSE news

October 4, 2007

Here are some exciting little points of fun from around the CSE universe:

  • Shopatron: raises $6mm to expand already profitable operations into the business of in-store pickups.  According to VentureBeat, customers are increasingly purchasing online and picking up the product locally, in-store.  While Circuit City and Wal-Mart already offer this, the company offers software packages and support for handling logistics.  They make money by sharing profits three ways with manufacturers and retailers.
  • ShopStyle gets Sugar-ized: bootstrapped-turned-VC-backed Sugar Publishing (now renamed Sugar Inc) acquired ShopStyle to add into the content / community mix a commerce component.  ShopStyle competes with ThisNext and Stylefeeder, but is more focused on women and fits in well with Sugar’s demographic.  No terms were disclosed. This marks the second acquisition of a social shopping site, with Kaboodle being the first to sell for $30mm.
  • Kelkoo: Yahoo! might be looking to offload Kelkoo, no doubt as part of a deep look into restructuring spurred by Semel’s departure in June.
  • Amazon: about to launch a massive redesign with much-improved navigation.  It’s no secret that Amazon is a data-intensive company and performs A/B tests all the time, so this overhaul no doubt comes with some impressive performance upticks.  Should be good news for sellers.

Written by Scott Hurff