Pricegrabber also adopts ScanAlert’s “Hacker Safe” icon

August 22, 2007

ScanAlert continues its push into CSE territory with the latest announcement of a partnership with PriceGrabber.

It’s the same gig as Yahoo! Stores — “certified” (read: paying merchants) will have a Hacker Safe logo next to the merchant’s name in search results.

This is a pretty effective strategy for ScanAlert, and will no doubt fuel a mob effect that such a deal is intended to create.

But do merchants actually see real results?  From the research I’ve done, an uptick in conversion rates as a result of having the “Hacker Safe” logo displayed depends on a number of factors including store quality, product mix and design.  (This obviously wasn’t a scientific experiment).

That being said, it’s been rumored that ScanAlert utilises a free piece of software called Nessus to perform their security scans.  If you’re a merchant, you can download this tool here.

Written by Scott Hurff — scott.hurff at channeladvisor