Paid Search Update: Google Testing User-Based Removal of Ads

February 17, 2009

Through a very limited release, Google is testing a new phase of their SearchWiki initiative where they are allowing users to effectively delete Sponsored Listings from the Search Results Page.  It is not clear whether a user deleting an ad will prevent the ad from showing on the specific Search Results Page or whether the user will ever see the ad again.

Google is only testing this to a very small number of users and they are saying that they have no announcement to make regarding this as a change to their Adwords program.


Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like that we grabbed from RustyBrick’s article over at SEL:

This may cause some level of an uproar from some Search Marketing circles, but we really aren’t concerned us at this point.  The main question we need to be asking here is:  Will users really take the time to delete out all advertisers they don’t plan on purchasing from?  We don’t think so.  If they make any deletions, it will probably be spam or arbitrage type advertisers which won’t effect legitimate businesses.

Written by Andrew Belsky (andrew.belsky at channeladvisor dot com)