November Comscore data is out for CSE – A battle for #1, and a new contender!

December 8, 2006

The November Comscore data (to the right)  is out for CSEs and there’s some interesting movement to discuss.  First from a macro perspective two important datapoints:

  1. 67m of 173m total audience members visited CSEs – That’s 39% (up from 32% last year).
  2. The CSE category is growing 14% y/y as far as audience (we’re seeing clicks/leads and GMV grow much faster than this 14% audience growth which indicates that more and more consumers are shopping and buying via CSEs.

Now looking at specific companies there’s lots of interesting datapoints:

  • and Shopzilla continue to duke it out for the number 1 spot. won in November, but in October, Shopzilla commanded the largest audience.
  • Looking at growth rates you see Shopzilla growing a good bit faster (16.7% y/y) compared to (5.1% y/y) which indicates that Shopzilla is either spending more with search or benefiting from Scripps integration, or a mix of both.
  • Speaking of growth rates, SHAZAM, check out Mezi Media!  They lead the growth rate with 313% y/y growth. which has rocketed them into the top 10 with a bullet.  Many of you ma be scratching your head saying, “Mezi what?”.  Mezi was founded by two ex-Overture alumni (that were actually involved in the acquisition of our last company as fate would have it) and they have very cleverely created a network of shopping-oriented sites they are now integrating., CouponMountain and MoreRebates.  Hey number 1-7, you guys better keep an eye on Mezi, when they integrate these sites they are going to be able to do some things you are only dreaming of right now.
  • At the bottom of the growth pile is Nextag with a y/y decline of -10.9%.  Ouch.  I can only speculate, but my guess is that the focus on mortgage and travel at Nextag has confused consumers and they are not going there for general product searches any more.
  • Finally, Shoplocal has seen a great climb, but is is sustainable?  I personally only use the service for the TMX, Wii, PS3 kinds of searches.

CSE readers, what do you think about the data?  does this match what you see on the revenue/gmv side of things?  CSE engines – do you believe ComScore or do you believe they are under/overcounting your share?