News from down under: (aka Aussies go crazy over PayPal-only decision)

May 8, 2008

ChannelAdvisor now has an office in Melbourne, Australia and our team there has been attending eBay’s roadshow/tour.  General idea was for the eBay team to go out and meet sellers and answer/address any concerns they have about the PayPal-only decision.

The reports are that these have been very crazy meetings with boos and hissing from the crowd and eBay has apparently had to significantly increase their security detail.

Here’s are two accounts of the Melbourne meeting:

  • Before the meeting Q+A
  • During the meeting questions, booing, metaphor for heroin use, etc. (not kidding)

At the Sydney meeting, Kerri van Veenendaal who runs our AU office gave some good advice/thoughts.

My take is the same as Kerri’s:

  • eBay is what it is.  You can either sell there or not