News from across the pond (or – ecommerce is alive and Kickin’ in the UK)!

August 24, 2007

Tally-HO!  James Scott (pictured below) who runs the marketplace side of things for ChannelAdvisor in the UK reports a smashing Insite event (traveling roadshow we put on with partners like Google, PayPal, Cybersorce and FOEB) was had by all in London earlier this week.

The top UK eBay blog, Tamebay, had a review of the event from Andy@Little sunflowers.

Here’s a snippet from his review:

“What impressed me most and has done so in the past with ChannelAdvisor
events is that whilst the organisation clearly offers solutions for
just about everything that is ecommerce they always steer well clear of
promoting or even entering into discussion on what they offer as
solutions during any of the sessions. This makes the events a pleasure
to attend because rather than feeling as though you’re in the middle of
a sales pitch it is pure information provision and advisors are always
eager to offer advice and assistance whether you are a ChannelAdvisor
client or not.”

Congrats to the UK team on a great event! We have 4 more coming up, so if you are in the UK, check it out.

P.S. Check out this picture of James featuring his snazzy new beard!  Hey who ran their car over the baseball bat? Can you ‘knock it out of the park’ in Cricket?