News Flash: Microsoft Live Search Cash Back

May 21, 2008

Microsoft Live Search (David) hopes to take down Google (Goliath) by launching incentive programs that help them relate better to consumers.

Microsoft hopes to make gains on Google in the lucrative business of Internet search through a new service that pays consumers who buy items they find through the software company’s search service, according to people familiar with the company’s plan.

The software maker is rolling out a service called “Live Search cashback” that gives consumers money back on certain purchases of products found through Microsoft’s Web search service, the people said. The new service is part of a broader effort by Microsoft to attract more consumers to its Internet search service and better compete with Google, which is the leading Internet search provider and makes most of its money from advertisements tied to search. For more information, please see:

Here’s how Live Search cashback works (pulled from

Live_search_1 1) Search
Search for cashback deals at Live Search cashback. Each time you click a Live Search cashback listing, you’ll find great deals on the product you chose. Your results will clearly list the cashback savings you’ll receive off the store price, and your final bottom-line price that includes tax and shipping costs. Also look for this icon  when you search for a product on Live Search to find great cashback deals.

Live_search_2 2) Shop
Compare and sort products by the bottom-line price. Click the best deal to go to the store. Everything you buy during that store visit will be eligible for Live Search cashback. On your first time using Live Search cashback, we will ask you for an email address so we can tell you how to quickly set up your free cashback account.

Live_search_3 3) Save
Keep saving money each time you use Live Search cashback. Every time you make a qualifying purchase, we’ll send you an email to confirm your Live Search cashback savings. When your cashback account reaches a balance of at least $5, you can claim your cold, hard cash. Terms and conditions.

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