New widget foursome for TheFind

July 26, 2007

Siva Kumar from TheFind tipped me off that they’re releasing
four new widgets aimed at bloggers.  The official announcement will come
at the BlogHer conference, which starts
tomorrow in Chicago (which I think is a useful strategy since most of TheFind’s users are women).

It’s a path to monetizing one’s blog; TheFind splits the ad revenue generated
from traffic you send to the product search engine’s  property.  The
idea is that a writer uses TheFind’s widget to link directly to products you

The widgets come in four flavors: Shoplinks, Search, FindIt and Marketplace.

  • Thefind3Shoplinks: a simple way to drive qualified traffic to products you mention in a blog post or are in a picture you display related to the content.  So, if someone really likes the shirt that Lindsay Lohan is wearing in jail, you can link to that product at the end of your blog post.
  • Search: puts a search box on
    your site that queries TheFind’s product index.  Pretty straightforward and more like a typical widget.
  • Thefind1
    FindIt: a quick way to embed a link that searches for particular products.
  • Marketplace: envision a highly-specific mini-CSE you can add to your site.  Specify the product mix to match your site.  A clickthrough takes a user to a branded version of TheFind, with a custom border at the top of ever product search results page.

Widgets are installed using an automated tool called Widget Mill, which will add the widgets to your blog. Thefind4 It’s got built-in modules that plug into WordPress, Typepad and other blogging platforms.  For unsupported platforms, TheFind will supply code snippets that can be added to page templates.

To my knowledge, most of TheFind’s revenue comes from CPM-based ads.  That means that for a blog to make some serious cash from using these widgets it will have to send a great deal of traffic to TheFind.

Shoplinks and Marketplace are probably some of the most useful and thoughtful widgets in the e-commerce space right now.

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