New launches at TheFind

November 15, 2007

Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind, reached out to tell us some information about some new features just launched at the product search engine.

Aimed at providing more context for product searches, search results are  now sortable in pretty new and interesting ways —

  • Mini-Malls: groups products by the type of store selling them — department stores, boutiques, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon
  • Virtual Shopping Districts: lets you browse products offered by stores on Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue, for example to get a virtual shopping experience
  • Pop-up similar product search: pretty simple but effective way to draw people deeper into the site by recommending complementary or similar products within the mouseover
  • Recent search stream: all the mouseovers you look at are now tracked in your browsing history, along with recent searches and saved items.  These are now used for targeting product searches.

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Mini-malls & virtual shopping districts

Product mouseovers

Recent search stream

Written by Scott Hurff — scott.hurff at channeladvisor