New Kelkoo Algorithm

February 16, 2009

Kelkoo recently sent out emails with some detail about the launch of their new search algorithm. I received this email today, so I’m not exactly sure why yesterday is qualified as  “Thursday” but I think this signifies a step in the right direction for Kelkoo. I was once told that the order in which products in data feeds were processed was a factor in their past display algorithm, so anything focused more on query relevance and historical traffic/click through data is welcome.

Full email:

Dear Merchant,We wanted to share with you some important and exciting improvements that we have made to the Kelkoo search algorithm.

After months of analysing the vast amounts of data, on users’ searches, user and merchant feedback, offer relevancy and quality, Kelkoo has built and launched a new search algorithm.  The key objectives are:

  • To improve the service and quality of the traffic we send to you to increase your sales
  •  To improve the relevancy and quality of the offers that we show to our users when they search on Kelkoo

In addition to the cost per click, a new performance criteria for each of your offers has also been applied.  By incorporating the user choice in the algorithm, the Kelkoo search aims to improve its service and quality of traffic that we send to you to increase your sales.  Offers that are complete and descriptive, that include good quality images, accurate pricing, stock and delivery information and where users rank them highly stand a much better chance of appearing higher in the search results that are displayed to users.This new algorithm was launched yesterday (Thursday). We hope you agree that it’s a vast improvement and we invite you to test it on