New CSE Du Jour –

November 29, 2006

PriceshakerThere’s a steady stream of new CSEs hitting the streets and we’re going to try and keep up with the newbies here at CSE Strategies.

Today we learned about from this press release.
I put the Freshman PriceShaker through it’s paces and well let’s just say these guys have some work in front of them:

  • Elmo searchF – where’s everyone’s favourite red monster?
  • Stephen KingF – zero results? These guys have a book category… Hmm…
  • Canon ElphD – If a CSE can’t do this one given the popularity of digital cameras, they are DONE.  Fortunately there are results here.  The D score is due to the fact that the results are not very strong.  The first item they show is a waterproof camera?  Then if you drill into one of the models like a SD500, the results page feels like a 1998 pre-mysimon kind of effort.  There are some review capabilities and what not, but the result set is pretty weak compared to this.

Bottom Line:  Welcome to the industry PriceShaker, you guys need to spend a lot more time on this puppy before you shake up the  CSE world.