myTriggers wants you to shop it big

April 20, 2007

Yesterday myTriggers launched what they brand a “streamlined” new site called ShopBIG — the latest CSE on the block.  Furthermore, new merchants  CD Universe, Target,  Ace Hardware and others were added to their feeds.

What’s new and different from myTriggers?  ShopBIG adds tax / shipping calcs, item previews, product specs and reviews, all beneath an improved search engine.

I think the site looks too bland.  It’s uninviting, overly texty and reads like a stylized version of Yahoo! circa 2001.  Clutter on the index and search pages are also a distraction.

Yet what does add value is how this no-frills approach gets me to the product I want via the path of least resistance.  And once I’m there, I can see consolidated reviews across participating sites (or those that were scraped) and calc shipping right after I enter my zip code.

The on-site search engine usually pulls in what I want within the first 5-8 results; it also sports a subtle suggest feature which wasn’t always that accurate.  Related searches are displayed next to the search box, but also need some work.

The big question in my mind is why myTriggers launched another CSE.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Experimentation / entrance into a CPC model to improve ad revenue (myTriggers is a CPA model)
  • Property diversification to funnel natural searches  (they also own,,
  • Appeal to more Web-savvy consumers who know exactly what they want, understand how to navigate Web sites, can deal with text clutter (and perhaps enjoy it), and don’t want to be thrown huge product feature images
  • Partner unease  with the progressive myTriggers model and a move towards a more traditional CSE site to attract larger merchants
  • A place to experiment away from the main property

So, there you have it.  Let’s continue the discussion via comments.