MSN Bing Replaces Live Search – MSN Shopping Officially Done

June 1, 2009

Bing has landed. After much hype, MSN has replaced Live Search with Bing, its new “decision engine.” The shopping component, which appears to be called Bing Shopping, is  a re-skinning of Live Search Products/Cashback. This is not too surprising since the existing interface was already pretty good and since they whole Bing change was probably enough of work without having to redesign the shopping area as well.

Much like Google did for Product Search a few years back, MSN has accentuated the product component by prominently displaying a shopping link on Bing result pages, as well as the home page. This will likely lead to increased traffic and awareness of the cashback program, especially in the early days as news outlets cover the Bing launch and curious users use their internal decision engines to evaluate if switching to Bing is worthwhile.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Bing  Shopping links point directly to the various Ciao sites, where available. The Ciao network is sure to see a boost in visitors as well.

In addition, as expected, MSN Shopping will cease to exist as of June 30. If you are a retailer currently advertising on MSN Shopping and not cashback, now is a great time to re-evaluate your MSN strategy.