More scuttlebut on eBay vs. Google (Checkout)

June 20, 2007

BoxingPost eBay Live, some interesting rumors have come out about eBay’s treatment of Google at eBay Live.

For example, there was this story about an eBay Live Gala attendee reportedly witnessing two Googlers kicked out.  It was covered in ValleyWag so received pretty good distribution.

BUT if you read this blog report from some company called, I’m betting it wasn’t actually Google employees that were kicked out, but these yahoos who were trying to generate some PR by pretty-much impersonating Googlers (why would you purposely wear a google shirt/backpack to the eBay party the day after the big tussle if that wasn’t your MO?)

I talked to several of the Google folks that were in town for eBay Live before the party was canceled and none of them went to the Gala event.

Finally, back in the world of business and reality vs. Party Fights.  Internet Retailer reports that 26/200 of the top retailers now take Google Checkout vs. 21/200 for PayPal Express (GC equivalent).

So while this sideshow at eBay Live has been going on, Google has been winning the real ground war.  It’s going to be interesting because eBay’s flimsy argument that GC is not scalable and unproven is looking sillier every day.