More on eBay’s new Shop Victoriously campaign…

September 17, 2007

Yesterday we introduced the 2007 “Shop Victoriously” campaign and there’s already a lot of news around this:

  • First as you can see by the image above, eBay has actually put the Shop Victoriously tag-line right on the eBay home page and throughout the site, using it to extend/enhance the logo.
  • Knievel
  • I finally saw Fox Hunt and found it online here (requires Quicktime).  In this ad, you see a group of horses in the distance and some hounds. It appears they are on a fox hunt.  When you get closer you realise they are average people that probably have no business riding horses.  Instead of a fox they are chasing a vintage Evel Knievel lunch box (the lady that wins gives one of the dogs the thermos to smell to get the scent – nice touch).  They chase the box over a stream and into the woods.  The dogs are flummoxed.   This lady dismounts and looks in a hollow log and finds the lunchbox.  They then hit the new tag: “It’s better when you win” and then flash to the lady’s house which has a nice vintage lunchbox display with one hole that she will presumably fill with the EK box she has just ‘won’.
  • The NASDAQ stock market announced today they are running a series of ads that include eBay.  Here’s a description of the eBay ad (focuses on Motors):
    • The spot opens on a man sitting behind the wheel of his brand new car.
      He leans forward and deeply inhales the smell of his brand new leather
      steering wheel. “Pinch me (up) 5.21%” is superimposed on the screen
      followed by “eBay moves life forward.
  • This is interesting.  In the UK, according to our friends at Tamebay and other sources, eBay is experimenting with live auctions in TV ads.  Here’s an example.  The ads feature the ‘rainbow people’, that used to be 2D and now have come roaring into the present technology age and gone, well 3D.  I like the blue one’s hair. The catch phrase is: “Did you eBay today?”  I don’t get how I’m suppose to find this thing once it pops up on the Tele for 10 secs?  Maybe it’s some kind of fancy UK satellite TV thing that I can click and go to it?  In any case, here are some more examples (bid accurate 20 seconds ago)
  • As far as eBay Gift Cards, many sellers asked about these and eBay told me that they are definitely eBay only and not Paypal cards.  It will be interesting to see how this is implemented.  Will you have to take paypal?  What if you have a third-party checkout?

Stay tuned as we continue to report on the new ad campaign.