More evidence that eBay is listening (and acting)…

February 11, 2008

When eBay announced the new fees just about two weeks ago, media sellers saw a pretty significant increase due to the increase in FVF and a smaller decrease in the listing fee.

Today, Lorrie Norrington, eBay’s President of Global Marketplace Operations, new President  announced that eBay is going to do a carve out for the media category and address the concerns they had.

Media is a very important category to the health of the marketplace for several reasons:

  1. The long tail – One of the keys to selling online is selection.  The more you have to offer, the more likely your browsers are to convert into active buyers.
  2. At a < $20 price point, media makes a great first/safe purchase for new buyers.  eBay will never be the site where you go for the latest release, but it’s great for 6 month old+ releases or to round out a collection.

It’s great to see the new team really start digging in and proving to the community they are not only listening, but making changes too.

Seller reaction has been very positive.  Kevin Harmon at Inflatablemadness (he was on our TWP Wall St. call) had this to say about the changes.