Mobile Big Winner for Holiday to Date; Mobile Order Share Peaked on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2016

As we kick off Cyber Monday in earnest, we’re taking a look back over the holiday weekend and mobile is the clear winner. Thanksgiving Day specifically saw the greatest amount of mobile traffic and mobile orders. With the proliferation of cloud computing, most work and play can be accomplished via a mobile device, shopping included. Consumers appear to have figured this out and left their laptops behind in large numbers when traveling on Thanksgiving Day.

Last holiday, for the first time, we saw mobile traffic (smartphone and tablet) for the 2015 Cyber Five beat out computer traffic (62% of traffic vs. 38%, respectively). In 2016 this trend exploded over the holiday weekend, with mobile traffic accounting for 75.3% of traffic on average, leaving only 24.7% of traffic coming through computers.

As we announced in our blog post on Friday, orders on Thanksgiving via mobile devices surpassed desktop orders for the first time in ChannelAdvisor history, with 53% of orders taking place via a mobile device versus 47% on computers. Throughout the holiday weekend the mobile orders were neck and neck with computers, hovering around the 50% range.

See the chart below for full mobile details to date (click to enlarge):


We’ve also been tracking how mobile traffic is spread out over the holiday season. As you can see from the chart below, each year has enjoyed an impressive jump over the prior year, with traffic peaking on Cyber Saturday in 2015, and on Thanksgiving Day in 2014.

Looking at the 2016 Cyber Five to date, the share of mobile traffic is up more than 10% for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, and peaked on Thanksgiving Day at a record-breaking nearly 78%. (click chart to enlarge)


One mobile strategy we highly recommend is getting your products on marketplaces to take advantage of the adoption rates of these apps. According to comScore, Amazon, eBay and Walmart are top retail apps (Amazon’s app has 67 million unique visitors, Walmart and eBay each have 27 million), which is a lot of eyeballs for your products. Further, the proliferation of fraudulent apps this holiday season has made this strategy even more appropriate as consumers may be wary about downloading individual retailers’ apps.

While these holiday weekend numbers are impressive, we’ve traditionally seen smartphone conversions peak on Cyber Monday, so check back tomorrow for an update on smartphone traffic and conversions.

Note: Details on the SSS including background, methodology and disclaimers can be found in this post.