Microsoft’s CashBack program shows signs of working (15% increase m/m)

July 18, 2008

Back in June,
I theorised that Microsoft maybe on to something with their
cashback program and said: “Personally, I’m anxiously awaiting the June
search data from comscore.
I think we’ll see Microsoft Live search take a little share.”.

Well comscore is out this week with their data and DRUM ROLLLL….

The results are bigger than I expected!

In a seasonally slower m/m environment you’ll see that Microsoft
increased queries 15% and for the first time in a long time that I can
remember, increased share .7% which is pretty material in the world of
search.  And you know what?  Not even that many consumers know about
this new program.  If I’m Microsoft, I’d pour some gas on this little
fire and do some more advertising, maybe crank out a print ad or TV ad
and test that out.  Also, eBay is on sale right now for $31b.  If
Microsoft starts to believe this ecommerce strategy is how to outflank
Google, I think it’s increasingly likely they look hard at eBay vs.