Microsoft Yahoo Partnership – Part 2 of 3

July 30, 2009

In the previous blog post regarding the Microsoft
Yahoo Deal
, I covered all of the important details you need to be aware of
when managing your Paid Search
campaigns post-integration.  Now, for the
second part of the blog series, I am going to cover what Retailers need to do
to prepare for the Microsoft/Yahoo Partnership that will most likely take
effect in Q2/Q3 2010.


1. Make sure you have an adcentre account!

This might sound like a joke, but common practice for Small
to Medium Businesses is to first launch Campaigns on Google and once
performance is stable, move the campaigns over to Yahoo and Bing.  So with that, there are definitely a large
number of Paid Search advertisers out there that do not even have a MSN/Bing adcentre
account.  I would also suggest doing some
as Microsoft usually runs promotions for $50-$200 in free clicks
for new accounts.  Click here
to sign up

2. Familiarize yourself with adcentre and adcentre

Managing Bing campaigns is more challenging and more manual
than on Yahoo; take some time over the next few months familiarizing yourself
with the adcentre Interface. MSN also handles a few things differently than
Google: Keyword
, Automatic Launch on all Match Types, No Daily Budgets, etc. so
you will need to learn how to manage these idiosyncrasies. Also download MSN’s
adcentre Editor. While not as robust as Adwords Editor,
Microsoft’s adcentre editor is a FREE and very useful tool that makes managing
MSN campaigns much easier. Another way to improve your workflow would be to
look at strong 3rd party platforms that enable seamless Campaign/Keyword
implementation across both Engines.

For ChannelAdvisor
clients- This should not affect you much as our API integration with MSN is up
to date and our User Interface for managing your campaigns is seamless across
all of the Engines.

3. Stay abreast of developments

When the integration is completed (mid 2010), make sure you
understand exactly how the 2 platforms are going to appear in adcentre. Our
data shows that MSN has a much better ROI than Yahoo, so you should make every
effort to manage these two properties separately. If you can prevent it, you do
not want to have MSN subsidize your Yahoo performance.

I would suggest following the following blogs: (of course!), Bing Blog

4. Review your MSN Insertion Order

For advertisers that are set up on invoicing with MSN, you
will need to review your Insertion Order. The Insertion Order includes limits
on what you can spend during a specific time period. Since you will see a large
influx of traffic from this partnership, make sure that your 2010 insertion
order takes this into account.

Recommendation:  Set the Insertion Order
extremely high and change your Monthly budgets according to your 2010 plan.

Stay tuned for Part 3, set to roll out tomorrow that will
cover what strategies you can implement to take advantage of this change in the

Written by Andrew Belsky (andrew.belsky (at)