Mega update…

May 30, 2007

Phew, what a week it has been – lots to catch up on so thought I would do a super-mega-update:

Industry news:

  1. As widely rumored, eBay confirmed today that it is acquiring Stumbleupon for $75m.  See my past pontification here.
  2. eBay Brain Drain:  Dan Madden has left Paypal for AdBrite (Iggy from is there too).  Dan helped manage PayPal’s “on eBay” business and had contact with many a large seller so he was well known and loved in the top seller community.  Bye Dan – best of luck in your new gig.
  3. Speaking of PayPal, Jeff Jordan, former Prez, has turned up at OpenTable – congrats JJ!
  4. Jim Cramer is on my eHoo/yBay bandwagon.
  5. We’re 2/3 the way done with Q3 and the stock analysts that track eBay listings are getting pretty concerned with the sluggish listing growth.  We have some thoughts/data on this and will post them later this week.

ChannelAdvisor news:

  1. May 29 – we announced our new Comparison Shopping Engine technology, ShoppingAdvisor.  ShoppingAdvisor puts amazing power in the hands of retailers looking to take their CSE channels to the next level.  We have a webinar on June 12th to answer your questions and see a live demo.  Also we’ll be showing ShoppingAdvisor at eBay Live (Booth 423) and Internet Retailer (Booth 1015) in June.
  2. Also related to CSEs, we’re hosting a great series of webinars we call “meet the engines”.  During this series each of the top CSEs and some new up and coming CSEs will be describing what makes their engine unique as well as answering your questions.  Details are here and you can sign up here.
  3. Overstock – May 31 (Thursday) at 2pm we are hosting an Overstock webinar with myself and Patrick Byrne to talk about our partnership and answer any questions.  We’re seeing significant interest in Overstock as a channel.  With approx $1B in GMV and a focus on growing the already 60% that comes from third-parties.

Also we’re hosting after-parties at both eBay Live and Internet Retailer – shoot me an email if you’re interested in attending.  scot at channeladvisor dot com