Live blogging from…. The iPhone 3G line!

July 11, 2008

Long-time readers know that I’m somewhat of a gadget freak and today is a big day for gadget lovers as the iPhone 3G hits the streets.

I’m here in Raleigh, NC waiting in line at a ATT store in an area called North Hills.  Got here circa 5am and things are looking good.  I’m number 11 in line and the buzz is this store got much larger than the standard 10 for a small ATT store.  This is from a lady whose husband works for FedEX and he delivered the phones last night so knows the real deal.

“What does this have to do with eBay?!” You ask.  Well Dear Reader, don’t despair, there is a method to the madness.  You see the iPhone 3G has a complete new appStore and in appStore, you guessed it, there is an eBay app!

In fact this review from the Telegraph, is the first I’ve found to highlight the eBay app.  Here’s a snippet:

….Central to this ambition is the launch of the
Application Store, an online marketplace accessed via iTunes that
allows iPhone users to download extra software for their handset.

might, for instance, be addicted to eBay; download and install the eBay
application, and you will have live auction information on your screen.
People who enjoying playing computer games on the move will love the
iPhone – you move the phone itself to control the on-screen action.

no mistake – this is a software revolution for mobile phones. While
phone owners have long been able to add extra software to their
handsets, it’s hard to find anyone who went to the considerable time
and effort of doing so.


Ok, yes I admit that being here has nothing to do with eBay and at best I may run the eBay app 1-2 times to see how it works, but in my experience eBay desktop/client/phone apps are all extremely limited and not close to the eBay online buying experience so I doubt it’s going to be a needle mover.

Back to the line

Anyway, there are now 20 people in line and I’m feeling good about my chances given the buzz and the coveted #11 position.  I’ll keep you posted.

Any readers out there also waiting – let me hear from you in comments!