It’s Official- Bing & Yahoo are Partners!

February 18, 2010

Microsoft and Yahoo! have just received regulatory clearance
to join forces in creating more balance in the search engine

As previously announced on this blog in July 2009, the
partnership is positioned so that MSN/Bing will control the
technology side – driving paid and algorithmic results for both platforms
– and Yahoo! will maintain the majority of the sales and service

The self-proclaimed Search Alliance could really shape up as
an interesting battle.  Since its inception, Bing has become the fastest
growing search engine (mostly at the expense of Yahoo and AOL), and
industry leaders have always felt that Yahoo’s estimated 2.5 billion US
searches per month could be better monetized with superior technology.

The announcement from Bing said the integration goal for the
US is “prior to the crucial holiday season” with a staggered schedule
for other countries in 2011.  Here’s hoping that they pull off this
widescale integration with no hiccups, as a large snafu in the middle of the
busy holiday season could be painful for retailers.

The Bing announcement also mentioned that it
is “business as usual now” and there is no change to your
account or service.  However, we recommend doing the following to make
sure that your campaigns are prepared when integration is complete:

1. Open an adcentre Account

Some advertisers spend 100% of their time and budget on
Google.  If you are one of these advertisers, open up a Bing account
today!  MSN usually offers up discounts for new advertisers, so we
recommend you try to dig up a promo code.

2. Mirror Campaigns

Launch your whole Google account on Bing!  Many
advertisers launch on Google, planning to launch campaigns on Yahoo!
and Bing later, but never do.  Make sure that you push all of the work you
have done on Google over to Bing to ensure that you have equal coverage on
both engines.

3. Stay Abreast of Developments

When the integration is complete (late 2010), make sure you
understand exactly how the two platforms are going to appear in adcentre.
Our data shows that Bing has a much better ROI than Yahoo, so you should
make every effort to manage these two properties separately. Similar to the
Search Network/Content Network for Google Adwords, make sure that you keep these
two different types of campaigns separate if possible.

Check out a quick video clip about the Search Alliance:

Search Alliance Video