Inventory Driven Search Is Now Generally Available

March 16, 2011

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After nearly a year in development and a six month beta, we are very excited to announce the general availability of Inventory Driven Search, our ground-breaking new way to market a complete catalogueueue of products through paid search.

More and more, consumers are searching for specific products by make, model and part number, or they are copying and pasting product titles into search engines to find a retailer. While broad keywords will catch these searches too, the savvy retailer who can deliver a targeted ad using the right long tail keyword will see a big improvement in ROI. At the same time, building coverage for every product will increase the quantity of traffic.

Using ChannelAdvisor’s robust inventory management system, the new Inventory Driven Search feature allows retailers to create unique ads, keywords and ad groups for each product while ensuring that only in-stock products are being advertised. Retailers can now:

  • Automatically create campaigns and ad groups specific to their products
  • Automatically pause ads for out-of-stock products and reactivate them when the products come back into stock
  • Create “never stale” ads that are product specific and always updated based on changes in product data such as price, brand and promotions
  • Create keywords automatically using a powerful data-transformation engine
  • Monitor product-level keyword performance using interactive dashboards
For retailer PureFormulas, paid search revenue grew 30% during the beta, simply by building advertising for their nearly 12,000 products, while at the same time, ad spend dropped by 20%. And these results are typical; many of the retailers in our beta saw their revenue grow 15-20% or more, while at the same time hitting their ROI targets.
Inventory Driven Search is now available for all ChannelAdvisor Paid Search customers. More information can be found at and for clients looking to learn more about how to start using this new feature, visit ChannelAdvisor’s Strategy and Support centre.
Stay tuned for more information. We’ll be introducing Inventory Driven Search to our audience in more detail in the coming weeks and months including strategies and best practices for product level advertising and how to take advantage of all the customizability of our new feature.
Written by Jason James, Paid Search Product Manager