Interesting survey results (and fruitcake?)

November 9, 2006

This morning is out with the results of  their holiday shopping survey.  The survey has a mix of interesting industry data/insights and somewhat unusual questions.

Industry insights:

  •       Respondents said they have an average of six shopping Web sites stored
    in their Web browsers
  • 46% stated they would start shopping before Thanksgiving (our data is supporting this)
  • 22% said they would start after Tgiving
  • 20% identified themselves as last-minute shoppers (put me in that bucket)

Unusual data (aka the fruitcake questions):

  • 35% of respondents said they would give up alcohol for a three-day-weekend every week.
  • 29% said they would give up junk-food for that mythical three-day-weekend.
  • 47% said they would immediately throw away a fruitcake gift
  • 11% said they would take time and regift that delicious fruitcake


  • Zoomerang contacted 1,850 online shoppers
  • 70% were female
  • Ages were 22-42
  • 61% married

Finally if you are in the mood today for a little (more) fruitcake humor, checkout this cartoon.