HR and Zombies: More in Common Than You’d Think

November 21, 2016

A few days ago, the ChannelAdvisor HR team took a short trip over to The Solution Center for an offsite HR Planning session.

The two-day event began with a highly motivational chat with our CEO, David Spitz, which gave us some great insight into his vision for our HR team in the months and years ahead.

Over the next day and a half, we worked together (with the help of our rockstar coach, Lynn!) to learn how we can operate the most efficiently with each other, as well as develop our team’s strategy for the upcoming year and beyond.

This was a fantastic opportunity that our new Chief People Officer, Amy Robertson, initiated. The session reinforced our team bond, our relationships with one another and allowed us to look at the bigger picture of our department within the company.

We got a lot done during our strategy session, but Amy had one more trick up her sleeve. After finishing up with Lynn, we headed on over to the Raleigh Room Escapes Company, where we were promptly locked in a room with a real live zombie (real dead zombie?) and forced to solve the room’s puzzles to regain our freedom. Fortunately for us, said zombie was chained to the wall, but the chain got longer the more time we took.

Though some of us were “eaten” by the zombie and forced to sit on the sidelines, the remaining team members pulled together in a spectacular fashion to solve most of the puzzles… before our time ran out and everyone became zombie food.

Once we were all resurrected and regained our composure, we took a quick trip over to Humble Pie (one of Raleigh’s best tapas spots), where we dined and made merry until it was time to call it a night.

Nothing like two days full of team building, strategy planning and a zombie or two to remind me of how much ChannelAdvisor’s leadership is truly dedicated to uplifting our teams and providing both professional development opportunities as well as fun and new ways to connect with coworkers.

Oh, and before I forget, we’re hiring! We can’t promise you’ll be planning strategy by means of zombie escape rooms, but if you’re looking for a group of dedicated, fun-loving coworkers, check out our open positions.

Blog post by Nick Ganitopoulos, Corporate Recruiter at ChannelAdvisor