How Retailers Should Prepare for Amazon’s Prime Day

July 9, 2015

Amazon Prime Day

When you’re Amazon and you want to celebrate, what’s a better way to do so than to shower the world with deals? You may have heard that Amazon’s 20th anniversary is coming up on July 16th. On July 15th, they are gearing up to create an epic e-commerce moment in time by offering more deals than on Black Friday. They are calling it Prime Day and deals will be exclusively offered for Prime members, the primary patrons that helped them reach their elite status at 20 years young.

Several weeks ago, ChannelAdvisor heard of the event and notified our sellers internally about the opportunity to partner with Amazon on this event by submitting deals for Amazon’s approval and inclusion on Prime Day. Of the retailers that we notified, 27% expressed interest, so we look forward to a big contribution from ChannelAdvisor retailers.

But what if you aren’t a ChannelAdvisor customer and are just learning about Prime Day this week? Did you miss your chance to join in the party spoils? Not completely. Read below for some suggestions.

First, if you have deals that meet the following criteria, then go ahead and submit your deal information to your account manager at Amazon. (If you don’t have an account manager, you can email Seller Central for help with your potential deal.) Here are the general criteria to keep in mind:

  • Your deal would generate more than $5,000 in sales (item price x quantity available to sell)
  • Your product is fulfilled through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Your product offer is more than $10
  • Your product offer is more than 20% off the typical price on Amazon

It might be tight to get your deal approved for Prime Day, but it’s worth a shot. The bigger the deal and the more compelling the offer, the better your chances of obtaining last-minute approval.

If you can’t drum up any deals for official Amazon sponsorship, then don’t worry. Expect that Amazon will get a lot of traffic and visibility on July 15th and be ready for it. Here are some quick suggestions to get prepared:

  • Offer free shipping for non-FBA products, so Prime patrons won’t skip over your products
  • Discount your own products (FBA or not) to join in the celebration and appeal to value shoppers
  • Set up promotion rules within Seller Central for Prime Day
  • Use Amazon Sponsored Products as a way to promote items you think will move
  • Anticipate demand and staff your shipping department adequately on July 15th and 16th so your customer service doesn’t suffer if you have a spike in orders

Regardless of whether you are on the official Prime Day promotion plan or not, this day has the potential to make history. Don’t be a party pooper and treat July 15th as any other day in the world of e-commerce. Do some planning and position your business to benefit from this shopping extravaganza.


Blog post by Rachel Miller, senior product marketing manager, ChannelAdvisor

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