HealthPricer wants to own the health space

February 14, 2008

As more health-related information and access to products moves to online channels, the space will continue to consolidate around existing leaders.

But in one health-related space, there’s no clear competition for HealthPricer, a CSE that specialises in offering everything from drugs to vitamins to beauty products and supplements.

The CSE just announced a partnership with Healthline, a health content site, to power an embedded marketplace for health products.  This should drive some welcome traffic — Healthline’s reach is about 2.5mm uniques / month, whereas HealthPricer drives about 50k  /month 150,000 uniques / month (based on HealthPricer company data), based on Compete data.

Versus mainstream CSEs, HealthPricer stacks up well in offering rich health data, relating ingredients across products, and figuring out volume pricing deals to tell you what the best deal is if you buy in bulk.

Overall, I’m impressed with HealthPricer’s UI and logic in separating out relevant data to make informed purchasing decisions.  If you’re a merchant who sells health products, check them out here.

Watch their DEMO 2008 presentation below:

Written by Scott Hurff — scott.hurff at channeladvisor