Google’s New Display Network Reporting

March 7, 2012

It’s a monumental day for Display Network loving advertisers everywhere. Well, in the US at least. If you’ve signed into your AdWords account today, you might have noticed this message:

Display Network Tab

Besides combining the networks and audiences tab into one, you’ll also suddenly see Keyword level reporting for Display Network campaigns. Do I need to repeat that? Yes, Keyword level data!

So, that means that you can now tell which keyword triggered your ads, which keyword(s) drive placement that drives conversions and how to bid more strategically on the Display Network. Call me greedy, but I wish that Google had made it easier to piece the puzzle together. Maybe showing the placements that a keyword matched your ads to by drilling into the keyword by clicking on it in the UI? You can still piece that information together in campaigns that have relatively few conversions, and bid up that keyword, or the placement or both.

It’s my understanding that this reporting won’t be integrated into the AdWords API until summer, so for now, you still need to put in tracking work-arounds for tracking through most 3rd party software platforms. Still, as a former Googler, I literally never thought we’d see the day that this data was shared, so it’s a big step in terms of transparency into the Display Network. More to come on how to use this newfound spring of information to optimise your Display Network efforts!

Blog post by Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager, Search Services