Google Slap targeting CSEs?

September 21, 2007

Good analysis on the PPC Super Affiliate blog re: Google’s quality score tweaks for landing pages.  Of note for CSEs (thanks Josh):

The following types of websites are
likely to merit low landing page quality scores and may be difficult to
advertise affordably. In addition, it’s important for advertisers of
these types of websites to adhere to our landing page quality
guidelines regarding unique content.

  •     eBook sites that show frequent ads or install malware
  •     ‘Get rich quick’ sites
  •     Comparison shopping sites

As Josh points out, bad timing for CSEs since the holidays are coming up.  We may see a search engine ad dollar shift to Yahoo and MSN as a result if CSEs have to pay a degree higher on Google — I wonder what the economics will look like.

Surface questions to consider:
Are other engines that much cheaper?  What kind of ad volume will CSEs have to churn in order to get the same amount of qualified traffic?

Depending on the economics, I could see CSEs breaking even or having to pay a little more on other engines to get the same amount of qualified traffic, depending on how Google QS affects their ad buys (% increase x volume).

Scott Hurff wrote this — scott.hurff at channeladvisor