Google Product Search Mobile

April 23, 2009

Google just announced that Product Search listings are now available on iPhones and smartphones that use Google’s Android mobile operating system. I guess lowly Blackberry users like myself will have to wait a bit to take advantage of this.

There is an feeling of deja vu around this announcement since back in 2005, Google rolled out Froogle mobile. Updated technology for sure, but with pretty much the same impact.

There are other comparison shopping services with a mobile focus, such as Frugalytics, Frucall, and Pongr. Frugalytics is a pretty straight-foward CSE experience, but with pages designed for easy mobile browsing. Frucall has some interesting additional features for users, such as phone and SMS options, as well as price alert and “tell a friend” functions. Pongr has a downloadable app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, as well as SMS and email communication options.

Despite the nice features of some of these sites, it’s hard to think Google doesn’t have an edge in terms of getting traction, even with the current limited support. Since BlackBerry has support for many Google mobile features and is a popular phone choice, it’s seems likely that it will be long before the berry version becomes available.

Anyone want to place bets as to how long before we see a Cashback for Windows Mobile?