Google Improves Billing Flexibility with Make a Payment

March 27, 2009

On Tuesday, Google introduced a small change to its Payment
options with Make a Payment. For those advertisers using the Postpay billing
, you will now have more flexibility in how you pay off your account

Instead of waiting to hit your billing threshold, you will be able to pay
off your whole balance or a smaller portion of it at your convenience. This will
be helpful primarily for advertisers who would like to break up their payments
into smaller amounts or who need to spread the amount of their bill across
multiple forms of payment.

You will also have the option to prepay an amount that is
larger than the amount you are billed for. This could be useful for
advertisers who hit their billing threshold multiple times a day or even
multiple times a week. With Make a Payment, you can fund your account for a
longer period of time, and eliminate some of the hassle of frequent payments.

To sign up to use Make a Payment just fill out this form,
and watch for an email confirmation from Google once it is active in your

Written by Kevin.Hill at ChannelAdvisor dot com